Product Talk - QLD Country Life - April 2012

"They are the best wire strainers I've ever used!"  That's what Eric Browne had to say about theSpring Grip Wire Strainers he'd bought.  "The jaws are a standout feature.  They stay onthe wire under spring pressure.  They never fall off or slip."

"We have improved the grip and addressed the wear issue other strianer have" says Peter Barrett of Fence-Line Solutions.  "They don't slip.  The other main feature is the tension guage which is calibrated with 3 tension markings.  We pay big bucks for wire, lets not reduce its strength and elasticity by overstraining.  An over or under strained fence significantly reduces fence life and adds to ongoing maintenance costs so correct tension is really important."

The Spring Grip Wire Strainers walk up the cahin really well, and backing off is easy with the indepenent springs in the chain walking arms and a chain guide.  

~ Matthew Hatchard , Queensland Country Life, 5 April 2012.


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